Theologis Ganos ∙ 2012 ∙ Journalist

   Scream of anguish and claim

George Pol. Ioannidis, a revolutionary figure, pure non-conformist, near the lines of anarchism, with “biblical” grandeur and with investigative observation of reportage’s journalists.

His speech is straight, stable and sensual, but also emotional, hiding the beauty of his soul with his sensibilities! Painter since childhood, he couldn’t be anything else! He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, where he studied painting and architecture and Florence where he studied scenography. With the eyes of his soul he travels and transforms human suffering, injustice, life itself with futuristic unique, trapping with his brush, as a virtuoso portraitist, the infinitesimal curve of expression, as then in 1909 when started that movement in art.

George Pol. Ioannidis, this great Greek painter, is timeless, is democratic, is internationalist, is todays and tomorrows, he is of the past and of the present.  With psychological mastery he walks on rope, between the discipline and tidiness of the eternal Rembrandt and Michelangelo, the carefree rector of colors and celestial harmony. At the same time he puts his stamp, his rebellious and unruly character like a scream of anguish, claim and struggle against the capitalist power, the exploitation and the injustice!

The brush of George Pol. Ioannidis plays from one side with the fire, the armed struggle, the steel, the black, the twilight, the darkness and from the other side, holding the baton of colors, has the Ariadne’s thread in his hands to resurrect the colors, to give and to tie his work conceptually with his personal style!

It’s no coincidence that he passed in the chorus of the great painters who praise the life, the struggle and the fight of classes, but also the hope which will not be lost, as there’s the compassion which the painter George Pol. Ioannidis finally expresses. And this is not little at all!

Theologis Ganos ∙ 2012 ∙ Journalist