Nikos Mpakolas ∙ 1985 ∙ Literature — Art Critic ∙ Director of National Theatre of Northern Greece

.…. The agonizing searching for the indestructible, the absolute, the eternal.

Thinking wonders about the world’ s future. In all his works the central hero is the human figure which suffers all the humiliation and the incandescent torture of human violence against people. The imagination, the improvisation, the spontaneity and the explosion of talent are perhaps the most valuable of the gifts he owns. Ioannidis doesn’’t copy the nature, as he says himself, he uses it only as a dictionary to express the poetry of life.

Witty, rebellious, demon of the brush.

Nikos Mpakolas ∙ 1985, Literature — Art Critic

Director of  National Theatre of Northern Greece