, 2011–2013

Prometheuses’ Places”  2013

Creations of the exhibition “Prometheuses’ Places” in the Italian Cultural Institute of Thessaloniki in December 2013, which is also the title of the poetic work by the physician-writer Marianthi Aleipheropoulou-Chalvatzi, published in 2008 by Sygchroni Epochi.

The philologist Bettina Papadopoulou wrote about this painting work:                                           “So the two artists meet through their creations, which aim at serving the same objective: to help man derive power from his own power, from legends who, by having worked for the humanization of human beings, have demonstrated how highly man can raise his stature, overcoming all adversities. In his fight against the toughest type of tyranny and authority he juxtaposes the bareness of his body, but not of his mind, which possesses indestructible weapons, such as knowledge, faith to values and ideals, such as collectivity, companionship, justice and freedom. Nature bows to the greatness of man, him that has the power to become stronger, when he is endowed with the virtues of the modern Prometheuses.”