Giovanna Bianca ROMANELLI ∙ 2014 ∙ Art historian ∙ Florence

An ode to Painting

Giorgio Pol. Ioannidis could easily claim for himself the title of a Renaissance man, an artist that allows his talent to be expressed, in every aspect of human creation. He matches the poetic and the social with the aesthetic, thus creating a new entity, which is fighting, personal, meticulous and distinct, but at the same time universal and global. This way he succeeds in marking his own stroke on the canvas of modern art, gaining a reputation as one of its greatest creators.

The spirit of his work is subversive and anti-authoritarian, a voice of resistance and struggle by the man who is driven to brutalization, subjection, cannibalism, death. In his paintings we encounter recollections, pain, compassion, and mourning.

He is influenced by the methodology introduced by Marx and Hegel, the cinema of ideas, the religious humanism, psychoanalysis and its numerous applications in art, but also by the movement of neorealism. With a powerful and autonomous instinct, he succeeds in incorporating in his work a primitive paganism, Aristotle’s logic and Renaissance’s rationalism, through poetry, literature, theatre and music.

Through the power of his art, Ioannidis gives an unanswerable response to the established corrupt political and social system, which calls for a culture that is a costly merchandise, sells rubbish as if it was glitter and tries to stuff man with whatever darkens and diminishes his thought.

Ioannidis’ most alarming issue is his own talent!!!

Giovanna Bianca ROMANELLI

Art historian, Florence, 2014