Giorgio Pol. Ionannidis


             Born on 6th August 1956 in Greece – Thessaloniki.Giorgio Pol. Ioannidis ∙ Fine Art - Greek contemporary painter, Giorgio Pol. Ionannidis

             Artistic studies

  • 1974–1980: Student in the “Architettura di Venezia” and “Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia” under the famous, pioneer Venetian painter Emilio Vedova and Artistic Human Anatomy under Neto Fiorentin.
  • 1980–1985: Continuation of studies in the “Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze” in the course of Painting under the genius Professor Silvio Loffredo and Scenography under Domenico Viggiano.
  • 1985: Diploma di PITTURA, his Degree in Painting was: “Excellent unanimously” and he was awarded by praise as a highly talented artist.
  • 1982–1984:  He was an apprentice in the studio of the world renowned Florentine portrait painter Pietro Annigoni.

             Artistic creations

  • 1978–1994: Exclusive designer in the biggest Greek Industry of modern, handmade carpets.
  • For more than 25 years, he had been Professor of Painting, Freehand drawing and History of Art.
  • Throughout his lifetime he relentlessly paints with his unique creative style so producing genuine works of art where quality cannot be compromised. George Pol. Ioannidis’ artwork is a masterful combination of figurative and abstract painting with expressionistic emphasis and intensity in color. It embraces the entire history of art thus resulting in a singular eclecticism with surreal, symbolic and allegorical elements. He places the person at the very center and gives a strong lead to the feeling, the vision and imagination. He dissects the major chapters of life and death, of the soul and the outside world, of anguish and hope.
  • The human figures in his work are mostly presented naked, with a clear allegorical targeting, and when they are dressed then it’s done with clothes of another time and another place. His interest focusing on the personality of man has led him to create many excellent portraits of famous personalities of literature and arts.
  • In his paintings he uses the technique of superimposed color layers (La technique au Glacis), which had been developed in the Renaissance. The depth, the mystery and the unlikely richness of color tones could not have been achieved in his creations without the use of this technique. The completion of his painting projects is a very time consuming process resulting in a very modest annual production of tables in a year, about 6–7.
  • He has presented his creative work many times, performing solo and group exhibitions in Public Galleries, Museums, Art Halls, Cultural Centers and private galleries. In 2010 he exhibited, at Casa Bianca in Thessaloniki, an important part of 40 years painting in the context of a major retrospective exhibition entitled “Compilation”. At the age of 12 he had his first personal exhibition, in Capsis Hotel in Thessaloniki.
  • His creations are to be found at Municipal Galleries, in “Gallery of Fine Arts in Florence”, in  «Vorres Museum», in «Pierides Gallery» in Athens, in «State Museum of Contemporary Art» in Thessaloniki,  in the «Gallery of Macedonian Studies Company» of Thessaloniki and in many private collections in Greece and abroad. Several reviews, studies and articles have been written and published from academicians, art historians, professors of painting in great Art Academies, poets, writers, art critics, and journalists. Art critics have unequivocally stated that having being exposed for so many years under the professional guise and guidance of famous artists, George Pol Ioannidis has in a true sense carried their spirit in producing the next generation’s masterpieces.