1st unity in painting 1966–1974 adolescent years

Farewell”  1973 He had a concern with painting during his childhood and adolescent years (10–18 years), before his academic studies in Italy. The first thematic collection includes some of the artist’s early creations. His first oil painting called ‘Olive Grove’ was accomplished at the age of 10. They are for the most part landscapes from […]

3rd unity in painting 1991–1994

  “Choral A” 1991 oil on linen, Gallery of Macedonian Studies Company of Thessaloniki   A unique eclecticism, which combines features of abstract expressionism, lyrical and geometric abstraction with references to the human figure, usually in a faithful or altered transfer as miniature of parts of great works of the art history, forms a mannerism which is […]

4th unity in painting 1995–2010

The Postscript of Glory” 1995   Giorgio Pol. Ioannidis a Renaissance or Flemish artist, an impressionist, an expressionist, a cubist or a surrealist… He reshapes everything with creativity and surpasses them with great artistry, so that a unique work is born which bears the strong personal imprint of its creator. Alexandros Tziolas, Philologist, 2010