Last creations

Ορῶμεν ἀνθο­ῦν πέλα­γος Αἰγα­ῖον νεκρο­ῖς 2014 – 2017 In his paintings, he produces the desperate cry of life and the silence of death. His faces are looking at their executioner wearing, with an amazing way, the mask of the shadow, of terror and misery. His intention is clear. With his free spirit and his impressionable temperament, but also through a […]

Drawings and studies in pencil and charcoal

Anton Chekhov study with charcoal on linen canvas 1979 -1984 Drama and profundity are the dominant elements of Ioannidis’ work, who creates art through his constant study and pursuit of absolute perfection in his artistic aspirations. Neto Fiorentin  1980 Professor of Artistic Human Anatomy Academy of Fine Arts, Venice

Portraiture 1968 to date

The portraits and character studies From his youth, the study and the painting of faces appealed greatly to him. His interest, which focused on the personality and the psyche of people, led him to create many superb portraits of famous personalities of literature and the arts.