Woman: Mother, Daughter, Wife, Friend… The President’s Gallery 899 Tenth Avenue,     6th Floor,                     New York, NY 10019  On view from September 15 through November 04, 2016 Catalog of the exhibition  here         

Giulio GUARDI ∙ 2013 ∙ Art historian ∙ Rome

Amputated consciousness and fragments of life Giorgio Pol. Ioannidis’ art is a skilful combination of pictorial and abstract painting, which is characterized by an expressionistic emphasis and colour intensity. It embraces the whole of history of art, having as a result a peculiar eclecticism, with surrealistic, symbolic and allegoric elements. He places man in the […]

Giovanna Bianca ROMANELLI ∙ 2014 ∙ Art historian ∙ Florence

An ode to Painting Giorgio Pol. Ioannidis could easily claim for himself the title of a Renaissance man, an artist that allows his talent to be expressed, in every aspect of human creation. He matches the poetic and the social with the aesthetic, thus creating a new entity, which is fighting, personal, meticulous and distinct, […]