Anna Bianca VEDOVA ∙ 1995 ∙ Professor of History of Art ∙ Academy of Fine Arts, Venice

.… On the force of his work we discover something new entering into our soul. A poem that he recites well, instead of a parrot’s reading, as Ruskin says. His paintings attract the interest of the eye, excite aesthetically by causing the status of consideration.

The artist has a highly developed sensitivity, I would say esthetic sentiment. His magical stick doesn’t hit, but fondling, gives existence to non-existent, life in inanimate, creates the pulchritude! He becomes invisible explorer of everything in the universe. He knows how to discover that something that it is often nothing, but that’s exactly the characteristic feature of his subject.

Anna Bianca Vedova ∙ 1995

Professor of History of Art

Academy of Fine Arts, Venice